Mobile Based Cardiac Arrest Guidance and
Documentation System

“Very intuitive to learn…An outstanding documentation tool.” 

Cara Steinkeler, MD National Medical Director Risk Management & Patient Safety

Full Testimonial
*EventDoc was the prior brand name for the RevivePro platform

“One word – Genius!” 

Jessica Yanny-Moody, Assoc. Director for Patient Safety & Quality, UWMC Center for Clinical Excellence 

“RevivePro streamlines and modernizes emergency documentation taking a much needed leap into the 21st century.  I don’t know a nurse out there who isn’t looking forward to this technological advancement!”

Kimberly Jackson, Nurse, UWMC

Data captured – RevivePro versus paper documentation of real Code Blue events. *EventDoc was the prior brand name for the RevivePro platform.

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Format Health is a digital health company that provides mobile charting solutions for frontline healthcare workers. Our flagship product RevivePro is a tablet based SaaS that enables nurses to rapidly document comprehensive data during in-hospital cardiac arrests (Code Blue).


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  • Rapid digital data entry of code blue vitals, medications and procedures.
  • The most intuitive user interface for accurate data entry.
  • Instantaneous, secure and HIPAA compliant storage of code blue documentation.
  • Immediately accessible data for transfer or analysis.
  • A complete solution that includes software, hardware, and ongoing support.


Format health applications are intended to facilitate documentation of and enhance guideline compliance during emergency medical events. The applications are not intended to be relied upon for making diagnostic or treatment decisions or used in connection with monitoring a patient.

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